Hands down the most Beautiful run!  Located in the mountains outside Eugene, Oregon
(The Headwaters of the Willamette River)

You get to run across that Dam!

2015 Dam Marathon Pic

Dam lucky runners

An opportunity of a lifetime!


The Hills Creek Dam gates are being opened just for you runners!  You will get the experience of running across the actual Dam!!  This is a life time experience.  Don't be late, the gates have to be closed immediately after the last runner gets through.  A honorable thanks to the Army Core of Engineers for giving The Dam Marathon runners this experience.


Thank you Chad Sageser for the awesome footage!

Check out this video! The first part is the Willamette river, where the marathon ends at Greenwaters Park and Amphitheater. The Lake (with the beautiful views of mountains) is where the Marathon starts and circles.  

You get to run across that Dam!

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signs 1 Runners will be given a detailed map of the course.  

There will be signs every mile along the course and aid stations every few miles.

The Photographer

Sunny Zylstra Photography will be capturing pics of all runners!

More Info

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Awaiting for you at the park will be live music, humm kombucha, food, and friends!
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The Marathon starts at 8:00 on the West/Right side of Hills Creek Dam.  

Please be ready to go by 7:15 at Greenwaters Park Address: 48362 Highway 58 at milepost 36. In Oakridge, OR.  Where you will catch the shuttle or drive to the start.

The race circles Hills Creek Reservoir clockwise and ends at Green Waters Park

Here is the breakdown:
The race heads North East across the Dam (packed gravel) for 1/2 mile.
Then turns Right for on Kitson Springs (Road pavement) for 2.5 miles (stay on the paved shoulder on this first turn, do not run out in the road)
Turns Right across CT Bridge (at mile 2.9)
continues Right onto FS2118 pavement until mile 4 then (8 miles of gravel)
At mile 13.6 the course turns Right onto FS21 for 10.5 miles
At mile 24 runners will turn left onto Laduke Road 5852 for a mile
at mile 25 runners will turn right onto Green Waters Park Trail to finish the race at Green Waters Park (The course will be well marked with sturdy temporary signs and course marshals at each turn)

26.2 miles
The Dam Marathon

Leg Dir Type Notes Total
  Right Turn right onto Hills Creek Rd/Kitson Springs Rd 0.4
2.5 Right Turn right onto Hills Creek Crossing Bridge 2.9
0.1 Right Turn right onto NF-2118 3.0
10.8 Right Turn right onto US Frst Service Rd 21 13.8
0.0 Straight Continue onto NF-21 13.8
4.6 Right Turn right to stay on NF-21 18.5
5.7 Left Slight left onto S Bank Rd/La Duke Rd 24.2






Turn right

Finish at Park



Hydration stations

Hydration Stations at Park/Start, Mile 3, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13.9, 16, 18, 19.6, 21.1, 23.1, 24.4, 25.4 and Finish


Restrooms at Park/Start, mile 13.9, 21, and Finish

First Aid

Ambulance stationed at Start and mile 23, also a mobile medical support vehicle. First Aid kits will be available through out the course, and radios and cell phones.

Bag Drop

Runners will be able to leave their stuff at the start of the race (head of the dam) and it will be brought back to the finish by the commuter van.

We encourage you to invite your friends and family!  Greenwaters park is a large park and is fun for kids with an awesome playground as well.   Greenwaters park is located on the beautiful Willamette River.  There will be live music played by Cherry and The Low Boys Band, food and fun.  Lets enjoy the beauty of Oregon!!

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Cash Prizes

A chance to win great prizes just for signing up!

You could be the winner for this year!


An Elite runner who has ran a marathon in every state, Named "The Dam Marathon as The Most Beautiful Marathon in the United States!"  Oakridge is the Recreation capital of the northwest, 5 rivers run together here and it is surrounded by national forest, lakes and trails. The Marathon starts on top of the dam and circles hills creek lake.


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