2014 Dam Marathon

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Hills Creek Dam is so Beautiful!

The Dam Half Marathon aerial view! Thank you Chad Sageser for the awesome footage!!

A Note From The Dam Marathon Team

The first Dam Marathon year was an amazing success!  The runners had a blast.  The Dam Marathon team got amazing feedback.  The runners were amazed at the beauty of the course and enjoyed the challenge of the run.

The amazing fresh air had everyone convinced that this run is one that they are doing again.  People from all over the U.S. came we had runners from Vermont, Texas, Colorado, Washington, and more.  Thank you 2014 runners for such an amazing time and turn out.  We know this year is going to be just as epic!

Professional Photographer taking pics of all the runners

Here are just a few of the pics that were taken from last years marathon. Special thank you to Erica M. Photography!

This year we will have again, professional videografers and photographers taking pics. Thank You Erica M. Photography for last years great photos! All pics are for you to enjoy!